Vehicle access control with IP-cameras only

See how it works in real time

Access control via the ANPR cameras group

Serverless HIVE system is directly embedded into IP-camera

An autonomous 4 IP-cameras system for vehicle access control

Gate/barrier' management via IP camera relay outputs

System set up through MASTER-camera web interface from any device

SD Card
All information is stored in SD card memory

IP-camera is powered through Power over Ethernet technology

Hive system features

Vehicle license recognition: 24/7

License plate identification accuracy: > 95%

Vehicle speed: up to 40 km/h

Supported license plates: Europe, CIS, Turkey, Israel

HIVE in Action

Vehicle plate groups Create / edit / delete "Black/White" list management

Reactions barrier / gate management according to the created rules:
• accureate number plate recognition;
• group of number plates;
• selected / assigned camera

Search by recognition results

Review of the enlarged number plate screenshot

Recognition results accessible online

How Hive works

HIVE "camera-to-camera" technology

Atonomous 4 IP-cameras system for vehicle access system

Main IP-camera [MASTER] receives ANPR data from 3 slave cameras [SLAVE]

Data exchange between cameras is supported without a server.

Hive system configuration and management, including executive devices (gates / barriers) management, are completely centralized via IP-camera web interface [MASTER]

Real time video (2 frames/sec) from all HIVE system IP-cameras is available via one camera web browser [MASTER]



Residential area / condominium


Petrol Stations

5 reasons why you should choose HIVE

This is ready-to-use solution. Out-of-box access control system based on IP-cameras only. Less hardware ever.

Infrastructure cost saving. No PC / server expenses.Immediate impact on your P&L.

Reliable system. High-quality and fast vehicle plate recognition (95%)

Convenient setting through one IP-camera web interface with any device (smartphone, tablet, laptop)

Gate management directly through IP-camera relay - no controller is needed

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