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Integration of FF Group ANPR App (on Hanwha cameras) with Wisenet WAVE VMS

FF Group has successfully completed the integration of its own ANPR App with Wisenet cameras and Wisenet WAVE VMS from Hanwha Techwin. Henceforth customers can operate with all video data captured by Wisenet network cameras directly into WAVE VMS, including the recognized vehicle data.

This comprehensive suite of intelligent traffic management solutions has all the capabilities of both edge computation and Hanwha Techwin’s VMS systems.

Wisenet cameras transfer recognized vehicle numbers as a bookmark to Wisenet WAVE VMS, where the client can search for the necessary data, filter for all recognition events or for a specific number plate, and also switch to the video segment of the recognition event.

The integration allows customers to reduce data not only in ANPR cameras but also in Wave VMS ensuring that ANPR data is accurately presented.

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