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Our expert summary of CPSE 2019

All security market eyes are on the Southeast Asia region as a potential market for rapid Traffic systems and other CCTV activities growth. Therefore, the largest regional CPSE 2019 exhibition (Shenzhen, China) tells us the next big trend for its development for the next 2-5 years. Our Oleksandra Plakhota brought a lot of insights. We have shared some of them:

1. The domestic market of China is oversaturated with cameras, manufacturers are actively looking for markets in  APAC and Oceania, Middle East.

2. The LPR camera’s development based on vehicle license plate recognition software has become the privilege of big Chinese vendors who can compete for traffic projects. Small Chinese companies are not expected to mass-produce LPR cameras (high-quality software is expensive, but not everyone can produce their own software).

3. Smart cameras captivated the minds of the Asian region, but there are still few high-quality AI cameras on the market, particularly, cameras that recognize all the vehicle parameters directly on its board.

4. The solutions based on drone vision are widely represented on the market (recognition of faces, behavior, fixing of objects and even number plates ones).

5. Face recognition is surviving its boom. The main KPI of the face recognition software quality is the number of recognized faces (the face is the key to a person), a person’s gestures (body language) and a person’s behavior prediction.

6. The Fusing Data for Smarter World trend is becoming a new thing when IoT platforms collect all data types, mix them and produce a variety of forecasts.

7. Chinese camera manufacturers believe that face and number plate recognition software will become cheaper as many developers appear in the local market. Our answer is that the security market will continue to pay a decent price for high-quality LPR software.

8. All security projects work exclusively on the principle of vertical markets. This is no longer a trend, but a fact.

We listen attentively, think and stay ahead of the trends!

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