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NumberOK EDGE at the IFSEC International-2016

FF Group presents LPR technology «NumberOK Edge» in real time at booth #С1500 on 2123 June 2016 at the security exhibition «IFSEC International» (London, UK). Our License Plate Recognition (LPR) solution is a Front Edge analytics which already works on IP-cameras of more than 10 world vendors. 

«NumberOK Edge» makes Front Edge analytics possible even for high speed solutions. It demonstrates high performance and quality on the board of camera.

LPR technology FF Group is implemented on any IP-camera in less of 30 days. So IP-camera’s and chip’s manufacturers can bring ready LPR-solution in short term.

Oleksandr Osypov, CEO FF Group:

«The philosophy of FF Group is the following: There are no impossible solutions on Front Edge analytics. We are the only company on market whose LPR technology «NumberOK Edge» demonstrates high performance and speed on any camera and any processor. We implement «NumberOK Edge» in 30-days on individual basis for our customer. By the end of the year FF Group will provide cloud processing and web-based access to information based on Front Edge analytics data. «NumberOK Edge» is not just about a data flow, but about analysis and providing valuable information to the customer».

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