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Search for video evidence in Milestone Systems XProtect based on TraFFic CaMMRa metadata

The newest release of Axis Communications Optimizer for Milestone Systems XProtect opens wide opportunities for unique TraFFic CaMMRa and the traffic market!

TraFFic CaMMRa is a first stable “plug and play” on Axis Communications camera application automatically sending not only license plates, but all vehicle data (make, model, type, color) to VMS Milestone Systems.

It makes it possible to search for vehicle-specific metadata in Milestone XProtect derived from AXIS License Plate Verifier, TraFFic CaMMRa, etc. XProtect users get search results of video based on the determination of all vehicle parameters (number, make, model, color and speed, country), date and time of video recording.

This integration enhances the user experience to collect important traffic data and manage all aspects — from automatically detecting license plates to getting forensic search results. Vehicle and plate detection, recognition and classification are performed inside the camera before being sent to the VMS.

Just “plug and play” and control all traffic issues!

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