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TraFFic CaMMRa in the Dublin Port case
How can we help port customs offices increase transport control, automate traffic on the territory and make it secure? Let’s see the case of the unique intelligent transportation system for the Dublin Port area.
The project was implemented by Carra Group and HGV Holding (Ireland). FF Group on-camera application TraFFic CaMMRa has become part of this unique system.
Axis cameras with pre-installed TraFFic CaMMRa recognize the number plates and type of the vehicle, e.g. “Truck”, in the Dublin customs and the port. The data is whitelisted at Customs and forwarded to the port’s central database (ComsHub outstation).
At the entrance to the port, CaMMRa recognizes the truck and the data is sent via UTMC protocol to the central database for later comparison with the white list. The officers receive a message on their smartphone about the truck to make a decision to pass or deny it.
How the entire data exchange system is built and how quickly the trucks pass customs control can be found in this case.
All cases details are here.

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