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Marketing Webcam for Fuel Station


Your competitive edge is that you can measure output of your marketing actions automatically and monitor your client’s visitors online

Are You Dealing With a Fuel Station Network Company?
Are You Planning Any Marketing Actions?
In Need of Trustful Data?

We recommend FS Monitor – the new and efficient hardware and software solution for monitoring car traffic on all fuel stations of your client, for planning the marketing actions, and measuring their output across the fuel station network.

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€1500   – a promotional price  FOR SOLUTION
€50  – per month  FOR THE CLOUD

Fill In the Order Form and Get At Once:

All the analytics and crucial data on your smartphone: car counting by Car License Plate, collecting and analyzing big data online throughout all fuel station network of your client
Affordable marketing webcam which can be QUICKLY MOVED from one fuel station to another
A pilot version within a short time and WITHOUT ANY FUSS (just install a camera + connect to the Internet)
FAST SCALING after successful pilot testing
LPR recognition
Data collection
Notification of emerging queues
Accumulation data of queues throughout fuel station network
Number of vehicles visiting per period
Frequency of returning visits of your client’s fuel stations (even with no loyalty cards)

How it works:

Information is collected on a fuel station via special webcam


Data are processed and sent via the Internet into Limbio.Primm Cloud


Updated information for all fuel stations in your client’s network is in your smartphone or PC

To whom it may be interesting?
In Romania, Poland, Turkey, France to owners of filling station chain, top managers, marketing specialists working for Lukoil, Socar, Bor, Rompetrol, Mol, OMB, BP, Orlen, Statoil, Shell, Bliska, Petrol Ofisi, Opet, Total, FULL, ALPET, AYGAZ, Moil, Uspet, Mobil, IpraGaz, Lipetgaz, Mogaz, Turkpetrol, AKARYAKIT, AldaPetrol, Sunpet, Petline, Akpet, Gulf, Petroturk, Total, ELF, Roc France, Oil France, Esso, Delek France, Intermarche, E.Leclerc and others.