News | FF-GROUP - Part 2

Serverless ANPR for South Africa, Australia and New Zealand

Breaking things up for ANPR systems for parking spaces - Serverless ANPR solutions from Hanwha and FF Group team will definitely capture the hearts of South Africa, Australia, and New Zealand access control markets. Easy to configure and cost-effective! The solution enables the ANPR cameras to communicate directly with each other without the need for [...]

NumberOk EDGE on Hanwha camera integrates with ExacqVision

Johnson Control has integrated the Hanwha camera with NumberOk EDGE (FF Group) into its own ExacqVision VMS. Vehicle data (recognized number plates) are supplied to ExacqVision VMS for further processing ANPR information for different traffic and access control tasks. ExacqVision can use the analytic events from Hanwha LPR to trigger various actions such as recording [...]