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NumberOK ensures the safety of the Dutch city

In June 2016, the FF Group company supplied five licenses of the NumberOK software for the «Small safe town» project (Holland). The installation was carried out by the Dutch integration partners – TeleConnect company.

Within the project frame, a car’s license plates recognition system was created. It allows the analyzing and comparison of obtained information with the current database of stolen vehicles. NumberOK software acts as the license plates recognition detector from IP cameras video data and transmits the obtained data to the external integrated system. Cameras are situated at twenty road sections and provide the full control of vehicles traffic in the city.


«NumberOK will help the local police to make the effective search of stolen cars and find the offenders quickly. The designed complex provides video monitoring of the city entrances and exits, its crossroads, intersections, streets, interchanges, etc. We hope that our technology will help to ensure the law and order in the city, enhance the safety of the city residents».

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