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How to sync data transfer from EDGE to VMS
For the commercial success of on-camera solutions, customers need the right backend for data analysis. One of the open questions remains the correct synchronization of the number plate recognition time on the camera with the time it was received on ...
Traffic CaMMRa integrated with Wavestore VMS
The new integration of Traffic CaMMRa with Wavestore VMS. As usual FF EDGE appication demonstrates high vehicle recognition speed and outstanding vehicle recognition and classification accuracy directly on Axis camera. All details are here.
FF Group ANPR application for the MOBOTIX M73 camera
We are proud to announce our latest and one of the fastest ANPR applications for the MOBOTIX AG M73 camera in the EUCA region for traffic monitoring and management. FF Group ANPR application has been successfully integrated within MOBOTIX ManagementCenter Smart ...