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CAMMRA improved its service functions
CAMMRA has significantly improved its service functions such as country selector and service log. For example, country selector allows you to select in CAMMRA interface the country where the client is located, which significantly improves the country recognition quality.
As well known, many countries have similar number templates, which make the recognition algorithm spend a resource on the correct identification of the country, and the country selector makes this task easier.
The service log has also been added in the CAMMRA settings. Now, if an application malfunction occurs (for example, no events are sent), FF Group’s support manager can quickly fix or provide recommendations to the client based on the log.
But wait, there’s more.
CAMMRA has improved its recognition accuracy for the Czech Republic, South Africa, Romania, Spain and Turkmenistan where new number templates, uncirculated numbers, and diplomatic number plates appear.
Trial Demo is here.

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