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An LPR camera value: true or false

Automation of business processes for controlling vehicle access to a closed perimeter sometimes seems like a magic wand. Just how can you automate these business processes in the best way?

Today, there are 2 main ways of automatic access for cars to a closed perimeter – RFID cards and license plate recognition (LPR). We’ll look at case 2 and its benefits. The classic way to provide vehicle access is license plate recognition. This automation is very simple and affordable and increases security in the perimeter. Security can be enhanced by additional control through an RFID card.

What’s the net worth of an LPR camera?

The main value of an LPR camera is contactless access to the territory and control over the flow of visits. The scope of application is wide enough – from adjoining parking to control of large vehicle flows.

In addition, an LPR camera can restrict access- that is, fix a car from the blacklist and send an alert to the server. Thus, you can recognize the offender according to the lists, give territorial access exclusively to clients, and warn the administration about any threats. This is very important to ensure safety when entering the territory of a residential complex or a remote gas station, or on a highway that is remote from police control points.

The FF Group team has been developing LPR applications for cameras of world-famous vendors for over 7 years. Today our LPR EDGE Application has established itself on one of the leading IoT platforms (SAST) and also works on a number of projects in Germany.

The classical scope of using LPR cameras is well known to the market – gate opener for parking lots and closed areas, traffic control in the city and on the highways, control of the visitors flow in hotels, gas stations, country residences.

Today we propose considering non-classical scopes of LPR using on small and medium-sized objects. As an example, let’s take the use of an LPR camera for a Gas station, which is one per 10 km in the district and is served by 1 administrator.

What are the challenges for an LPR camera?  In order to ensure the efficient and safe operation of the Gas station case described by us, the LPR camera has to:

  • count the vehicles that have refueled
  • fix vehicles at a gas station by zones
  • filter lists of regular visitors in order to form a loyalty program and pricing policy without violating the GDPR
  • warn the administrator about the danger or about the defaulter if the vehicle is blacklisted.

What solution does LPR camera offer?

It collects data from 2 gas station key points (entry and exit) and gas stations. All data is sent to the backend * where vehicles are sorted by black and white lists. Thus, an automated real-time accounting system is built for distributed objects and the service for the client is increased. Gas station administrators can check data on a vehicle in several regions (for a network of gas stations), send statistics from his gas station to the central office. This helps to build a loyalty program for each client as for one region, as for the whole country. On the other hand, the formed blacklists allow you to transfer information about the intruder to all gas stations and ensure security.

* For centralized management of all black / white lists, we suggest using easy to install on regular PC backend such as NumberOk META (link to website or datasheet)

How does it work?

Scheme in attachment

In what alternative fields of LPR will the camera be indispensable?

LPR camera will become an indispensable assistant for logistics centers, where it is important to compare the number of the vehicle front and rear. But in the parking sector, a number of possibilities open up: determine where the vehicle is parked, confirm the passage of the vehicle, count vehicles inside and manage barriers in multi-level parking lots.

Why choose FF Group LPR APP powered by SAST?

With the LPR app from FF Group, the client can get software for the camera with its own set of features and for a specific project. The SAST platform makes it easy to download and install our app on your camera and test it before purchasing. We also provide the client with an easy-to-install on regular PC backend. Our LPR app can also connect via API to other third-party software (traffic and parking systems) and VMS. FF Group LPR products are developed for vertical markets worldwide.  The main advantage is the high recognition quality (not lower than 95%) if the camera is installed and configured correctly. And here our recommendations for setting angles are quite large. Our LPR app shows high recognition quality both at standard 30 degrees horizontally and vertically, and at a maximum of 50 degrees horizontally and 60 degrees vertically. This increases the speed and quality of installation of LPR cameras at sites.

How to find FF Group LPR?

Go to the SAST website and download the application by your choice: 




All questions about FF Group technology please send via email to Oleksandra Plakhota.

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