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FF application for Hanwha IP-cameras and Limbio Primm attracts UK security market

Birmingham, Weybridge/London, Knutford/Manchester, April 29 – May 11. Hanwha Techwin Europe UK WISENET conference.

As a Hanwha Techwin partner FF Group presented easily manageable and cost-effective high-tech LPR application NumberOK EDGE for Hanwha IP-cameras. Accuracy 95%, vehicle speed up to 80 km/h. It is able to solve complex problems with regular IP-cameras.

FF Group Limbio PRIMM Head of Sales Oleksandra Plakhota presented novelty cloud analytics Limbio Primm platform to customers who were interested in global, network security projects with analytical reporting. It not only collects data from Hanwha Roadway ANPR cameras, but also analyzes them providing reports on customer-specified parameters.

She responded a number of questions about Limbio PRIMM, application for Hanwha camera and NumberOK server solution:

  • How to manage by white/black lists?
  • Whether it is possible to set up 1 camera for entry/exit from the object?
  • How to access the demo account of video analytics in the cloud?
  • How many cameras are sufficient to fix a one-way circular route for trucks around the building?
  • How to ensure traffic safety with FF Group LPR products?

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