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Identifying transit vehicles can help municipal authorities to fix roads involving cloud analytics

Consider vehicles movement monitoring in real time and prevent not only accidents, but also crimes. For this, it is necessary not only to introduce a system of video surveillance and recognition of car number plates. Data analytical processing with further rapid and correct decisions on its basis becomes more and more important. This kind of security model in Pardubice (Czech Republic) will be implemented by FF Group, Hanwha Techwin Europe and TELMO Integrator Company.

All key check-points to the city will be controlled by Hanwha Roadway ANPR cameras with FF Group application for automated number plate recognition (ANPR). Data from cameras will go to Limbio PRIMM cloud data analytics and will be processed according to several criteria set by local police.

Namely, it is planned to analyze transit traffic, measure average speed of the car and monitor speed mode on the roads, not to allow violations along the traffic lane. In addition, Limbio PRIMM will allow you to determine number plates illegal replacement and also compares vehicles number plates with the state database of rules violations.

Security model of the city based on data analysis will improve decision-making velocity and increases decision-making efficiency. Soon it will become the most wanted for the safe and smart cities.

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