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Limbio Primm and NumberOK SMB were first introduced at WISENET 2017 in Paris

 FF Group participated in Hanwha Techwin Europe France WISENET conference, which the company organized for its partners and customers in France. For the first time our experts presented a new product based on cloud technologies Limbio Primm in the French market and NumberOK SMB server solution well-known in the countries of Eastern Europe and the CIS.

A great interest of partners and customers of Hanwha was drawn by Limbio Primm (cloud analytics), which not only collects data from Hanwha Roadway ANPR cameras, but also analyzes them providing reports on customer-specified parameters. Head of FF Group sales Oleksiy Rudenko demonstrated Limbio Primm live feed on the example of Pardubice city (Czech Republic), where Hanwha Roadway ANPR cameras (SNO-6095RH) are installed with NumberOK EDGE Application on board.

Cameras transmit recognized vehicle plates to Limbio Primm for further analytical processing (traffic statistics, average interval of their movement, etc.). With help of FF Group’s Limbio Primm, one can also build more complex integration solutions based on the recognition of vehicle plates, analyze data applying statistical analysis methods in accordance with customer’s requirements. Limbio Primm solves problems of municipal authorities effectively while being also cost-efficient and therefore drawn active interest of municipal authorities in France.

The server-based LPR solution NumberOK SMB with embedded business logic for checkpoints and car parks attracted attention of French car park operators. They were able to assess right on the spot functional features and advantages of the solution and its ability to manage parking systems of various scales.

FF Group products also support new Hanwha WiseNet X platform. In the upcoming months Hanwha Techwin deploys new ANPR cameras with pre-installed NumberOK EDGE Application on the market.

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