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FF Group ACAP will expand the capabilities for police projects

New FF Group application for Axis Communications cameras (ACAP) will expand the capabilities for police projects more than ever.

ACAP has been enabled to detect city traffic direction at any speed. Offenders search and identification, interception plan work out, traffic density reports for municipal authorities, parking spaces occupancy throughout the city are available directly from Axis cameras (with camera-embedded FF Group application) to the computer.

Moreover, our software provides the data exported in accordance with the required parameters by the clients and with a full-frame photo.  ACAP can control 4 lanes simultaneously at speeds up to 80 km / h (up to 160 km / h per 1 lane) in real city conditions.

Thus, the police gets a quick traffic control and could prevent violations, and everyone can get more safety on the roads.

Click the link and get a free High Speed ACAP demo license.

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