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New FF Group vehicle make and model recognition technology

In October 2017, FF Group launched a new vehicle make and model recognition technology based on Nvidia equipment. The first tests will be held in Europe. This technology is able not only to assist in a disclosure of offenses but also to provide a strong caution against terrorist attacks.

For example, the technology should be helpful for quick and reliable vehicle number plate match with its previously registered make and model. Thus, the police could make a vehicle search hundreds of times faster in case the potential offender is driving a stolen car. How does it work? FF Group uses IP cameras for the test models operating on a new generation of processors (Axis ARTPEC 6). The first results demonstrate a high range of vehicle make and model recognition accuracy up to 92% when sampling on 500K cars.

Our developers use new methods of recognition algorithms patterns based on Neural Networks and Machine Learning. In the nearest future, FF Group is planning to present the capabilities of new LPR products for vehicle color recognition, as well as vehicle speed and movement direction detection.

We invite  IP cameras manufacturers to join FF Group team efforts and become market pioneers achieving a new security concept level.

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