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The order on the city’s roads with Bus Lane Control LPR solution

Everybody is concerned about safety on the roads, equally the drivers, and the citizens who use Public Transport Lane. Obstacles to the movement of public transport are created by violators who drive into the public transport lane. The police patrol can not guarantee a quick and sufficient control over the public transport lane until some smart automation is provided.

The most affordable and cost-efficient way to fight public transport lane violations is online violators identification. Our newest Bus Lane Control LPR solution could assist here a great deal.

The police just needs to install an IP-camera with FF Group’s LPR application and connect it with the company’s’ cloud-based web service Limbio Primm. The number plates are being recognized and transferred to Limbio Primm web-service directly from IP camera where the offending vehicle number plates are checked against the police database, a violation photo evident is shot and saved in real time.

The police receives a range of advantages introducing the Bus Lane Control system – from automated identification of violations to a Common Database of Bus Lane violators.

Our Bus Lane Control system works 24/7 and quickly transfers data to law enforcement officers.

You can see how Bus Lane Control works.

Our online-assistant “Bus Lane Control” could help the police to bring order in our own town or city!

More details about Bus Lane Control LPR solution by link. 

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