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FF Group benchmarks for 2021
1. LPR applications on EDGE have already taken a strong position in the CCTV market with a sufficient number of players. It has become not just nice technology, but a commodity.
2. Strengthen the LPR App with vehicle make, model, color and type recognition (MMR). It should be on EDGE with high quality. All FF Group products will be strengthened with MMR next year.
3. It is important to bring EDGE to a global level. The US market starts looking for EDGE solutions, and the Middle East is waiting for high-speed and high-quality app for large traffic projects.
4. To scale EDGE globally, all world number plates have to be described. The best way to do this is the synthetic databases for testing algorithms, which allows you to connect new regions in a short period.
5. AI is transforming. Today it is not only training on large volumes of static data (machine learning), but also the active use of theoretical descriptions of various AI models.
6. The upcoming trend is producing useful extra information on EDGE based on measured data (for example, counting city transit time). This will simplify the operation of traffic and video management systems.
Let’s move on EDGE in a new way in 2021!

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