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Why choose EDGE solutions for ITS project
I want to share some thoughts about EDGE solutions from a practical and commercial point of view. The following situations are best for using on-camera software:
1 The commercial factor. Network objects with dozens of cameras located at points at significant distances (for example, gas stations throughout the country, region). Installed on cameras, EDGE (LPR / MMR app) saves project money on servers and data transmission infrastructure. It is enough 4G network and 1 server per country. Wherein the network structure is well-built and cheaper.
2. Scalability. When creating large intelligent systems, the use of on-camera applications ensures their rapid scalability by simply adding a new data source (data sensor). The cost of the system practically does not change, and the amount of received traffic information increases several times.
3. Quick start of the system. A quick start of data generation (just a couple of minutes) from the moment the IP camera with built-in EDGE application was installed. There is no need to add servers, just install the camera and connect to the system.
4. Simplicity and mass character. On camera LPR / MMR analytics has always been very complicated for producing information and an exclusive feature in ITS projects. Today FF Group was able to transmit complex algorithms for recognizing all vehicle parameters on a regular IP camera into a simple and convenient software. Now, sophisticated EDGE video analytics is moving into the niche of simplicity and mass commercial use.
5. A stable system. Sustainability lies in the low risk of failure of their data sensor. It is enough to replace the camera with the EDGE app. In this way, the collection data point is quickly restored at a low cost.
Short summary: With EDGE app ITS projects are architecturally simple, easily scalable, the data generation time is short, and at an affordable price. In a nutshell, it’s convenient!

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