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How to create software in ANPR sector in 1 day

Each security project is a unique success story with an entirely new system being created for the customer.

At first glance, complex, intelligent transport control projects are standard software with a generic interface (graphics and logic) which generates and processes traffic data. But each project has its own needs and requirements. And here you have two options – either patch up the standard software to perform not only general but also specific tasks in the project, or develop new software that will be both faster and better adapted to perform the tasks set by the customer. And this of course will at least at a month or more to the total costs of the investment.

That’s the reason why we created FF Data Factory, to produce software for specific tasks as needed on a daily basis. This platform automatically configures software for  each unique project without the participation of programmers.

First our team communicates with the customer, then gathers the requirements of the project and finally creates special software with a corresponding interface and logic in just 1 day. Our approach avoids long tests and possible technical errors when integrating standard software into the project.

FF Data Factory is easily integrated into any smart control system, video management system, etc. Put simply, FF Data Factory is a tool that creates software for a customer in 1 day.

Is it magic? Practically speaking, yes. What we accomplished was technical magic. Want to know more about our technical wizardry? Leave us a note in the comments and we will set up a technical session for everyone who is interested.

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