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Process Big traffic metadata with Data Factory

Smart cities, big data, and tough traffic flow. Cameras transmit not only a huge stream of video data, but also metadata. VMS successfully manages video data storage and processing. But today’s realities require a single place to collect, process and store metadata. It could be a platform or software where you can work with huge streams of metadata. That is, change, filter, and retrieve data online. That can an integrator and end-user do.

This is the FF Data Factory metadata processing platform that FF Group represents. Its main purpose is to produce information from traffic metadata stream.

What Data Factory can do today! We call this the 3S concept – “Send. Store. Synchronize ”. First of all, Data Factory solves an infrastructure problem, namely, it accepts a huge amount of data (up to 300 events per second), and supports recording of millions of events. And also has the “superfast search” feature, that is, the ability to find required data among 200 million records in 1-5 seconds. Metadata is sent into the Data Factory from Axis cameras with the pre-installed CAMMRA app. So the entire 3S concept runs in Milestone, where our platform is integrated. Now you can work with huge volumes of traffic video and metadata in one system.

What is the next step for the Data Factory and why? Our team works within the “Next day delivery” concept. Despite the established industry verticals and solutions created for them, the customer has a specific task and corresponding requirements for the software. Therefore, the Data Factory’s task is to answer this customer’s problem – to customize software for specific projects and tasks. Data Factory can create such software in a few days. It’s possible because of its built-in Event Algebra engine, as well as the “no code” principle, on which the software customization is based.

With the help of “Next day delivery” software, the customer extracts information for his project from millions of generated metadata. All data processes and generates inside the Data Factory, and therefore Milestone.

We see a great market demand for storing and processing huge volumes of metadata and today can make them available within seconds for the customer.

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