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FF Group complete solution for traffic monitoring and access control tasks

FF Group complete solution, TraFFic CaMMRa based on Axis cameras Q1700-LE, Q1785-LE and P1445-LE  (data sensor) and NumberOk META (analytical data backend), is successfully used in a range of projects in Turkey.

FF Group partner Sibernetik Teknoloji implements projects for traffic monitoring and access control to closed perimeter using this solution. What about its advantage? You get not only an excellent data sensor for collecting all vehicle data but also software for analysis according to the customer’s business tasks.

The complete solution was developed by software vendor FF Group and works on regular cameras (data sensor) and simple PCs (c) without extra budgets on infrastructure and construction of an expensive Data Center.

All details in our Solution case.

Or you can look through our video guide on how our comprehensive solution works.

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