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Integration of VMS Digifort with FF Group EDGE LPR 

TraFFic CaMMRa opens up new opportunities for analyzing the traffic market in Australia and New Zealand through integration with VMS Digifort. Now Digifort can send TraFFic CaMMRa requests and receive recognized vehicle meta-data processed directly on Axis camera (no dedicated LPR server needed). The first successful integration tests with our New Zealand partner Focus Digital have passed.

The following options are now available through the TraFFic CaMMRa integration into the VMS Digifort:

– a list of all LPR events, screenshot, license plate and other vehicle parameters (make, model, color and type) obtained from CaMMRa,

– view the video in VMS Digifort based on LPR events, or search by events,

– basic list management in VMS Digifort (adding a recognized license plate to a white/black list).

If you are determined to develop Oceania’s traffic management markets, then TraFFic CaMMRa and VMS Digifort will be the perfect solution.

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