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Holland logistic centers are equipped with FF Group software

In June 2016, FF Group company together with integration partner –”TeleConnect” company realized a “Solution for logistics centers” project (Holland). NumberOK software was integrated into the road transport access and control on the territory system of one of the largest Dutch logistics centers.

This solution allows the optimizing of the traffic flows at the logistics center territory due to the automation of the check-in/check-out system. NumberOK task is the automatic control and monitoring of vehicle’s payload, automatic control of all actuators (gates, barriers, rollers).

Grygorii Vasilenko Chief of FF Group LPR department:

“Our partner, TeleConnect company, has developed an application used the NumberOK for full control of the ‘stay at the territory’ vehicles cycle, from the entrance to the logistics center area till the exit. The car’s license plate is pre-entered into a database, where its route through the enterprise territory already determined.

The cameras shoots the car’s plate at each checkpoint and NumberOK recognize it. Then server send information about the transport entry permission to the logistic center territory to relevant checkpoints and loading/unloading stations. Thus, the automated control system of traffic allows the improving of the logistics center efficiency”.

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