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FF Group has completed the work at “Checkpoint 1 Auto” of the monitoring center in FEZ Khorgos – “Eastern gate”

FF Group has completed the work at one of the objects of the monitoring center in the special economic zone “Khorgos – Eastern gate” (Altynkol Kazakhstan). Based on SOVA software – one of the company product, was installed the system for general control of the “Checkpoint 1 Auto” territory. Now, the company’s specialists have implemented the Business-Analytics: “the Recognition of car numbers, trailers, containers”.

It provides the management company of the FEZ by the operational information on the incoming transport, dangerous cargo, the containers integrity and their movement within the exclusion zones, allows to control the cargo traffic and direction of transport movement, speeds up the process of passing the checkpoints. In General, the business-logic increases the efficiency of interaction between the management company, customs and FEZ members.

Business-Analytics includes a number of modules – follow-up monitoring of transport through the checkpoint, monitoring the integrity of the container and information about dangerous cargo.

For example, due to the module “control of the container integrity”, the specialists of FEZ receive a panoramic photo of the container (left and right sides, top view) as a confirmation how the container looks prior the entry into the enterprise territory. It reduces the risks for the management company in case of owners claims for damage of the cargo in the FEZ.

“Dangerous cargo” module allows with the help of SOVA the reading of the special symbols, that marks dangerous cargo. Specialists can promptly carry out a reconciliation of cargo type and submitted carrier’s request just at the entry to the FEZ territory. In addition, the management company provides additional security measures at the occurrence of the cargo or the detection of the illegal consignment in its territory.

In October, the FF Group plans to start the installation of SOVA and related business-logic at other objects of the monitoring center in the FEZ “Khorgos – Eastern gate”.

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