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How much money can you save on security systems thanks to the smart camera

Speed recognition of vehicle plate numbers is one of the key parameters of the LPR application from the point of view of customers. Thanks to it, you can not only conduct the correct statistics and perform data analysis but also correctly plan the costs for security systems. One of the best in the portfolio of FF Group LPR applications is NumberOK EDGE for Hanwha IP-cameras of the WisenetX series, which recognizes vehicle plate numbers at a speed of 180 km / h in 1 lane.

 This “smart” camera can recognize several frames in a second. It takes up to 2 seconds to recognize 1 frame for a number of manufacturers of LPR applications. That is, at a high speed of flow, you can skip over 25% of the machines. The percentage of unrecognized vehicle plates increases, if to take into account difficult weather conditions.

What consequences can have a low rate of recognition of the vehicle plate number for customers? For example, the company conducts a marketing research on the installation of advertising along the main routes. The loss of part of the data about the passing cars will lead to distortion of the target audience and an error in the allocation of the budget for advertising.

 For municipal authorities and police, correct data on the number of cars allows you to determine the speed of the flow, calculate traffic jams, determine the number of vehicles. Behind these statistics are millions of budgets for changes in the city’s infrastructure, road repairs etc.

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