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Scientific work of FF Group engineer was marked at the international conference of the computer graphics and vision.

Lead engineer of FF Group Oleksandr Koriukalov will participate during July 2-4 the 10-th International conference for computer graphics, visualization, computer vision and image processing (Madeira, Portugal). The research works will presented at the conference, focused on solving the practical problems in the fields of computer graphics and vision, as well as interdisciplinary areas.

Alexander will present the theme “Smoothing of edges”, which is the part of his scientific work “Images classification”. The event is quite significant in the scientific world of information technologies. Priority is given to original, quality and significance of the presented works.

Oleksandr Koriukalov, lead engineer of FF Group:

“The path smoothing theme is not only scientific but also has a practical interest to me. Many of the methods that I describe in scientific work “Image classification” are used in the algorithm of people tracking, embedded as “Human flow” Business-logic to the IP cameras.

The algorithm allows to analyze video footage and to give information about the position of the moving target relative to the frame. The main task is to map the position of the target object with a sequence of frames, especially when the object is moving too fast relative to the frame rate.

Conversional racking systems usually use a motion model that describes how the image of the target object can change in all possible variants of its movements. In the “Human flow” project the tracking method used to calculate and control people traffic in the frame.”

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