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Unsupervised learning for EDGE solutions
Can recognition systems self-educate with minimal human intervention (“without a teacher”)? Today, almost all traffic projects use EDGE and server software trained utilizing "supervised learning" principles. This requires a great deal of effort, time and expense in collecting and organizing ...
Traffic CaMMRa integrated with Wavestore VMS
The new integration of Traffic CaMMRa with Wavestore VMS. As usual FF EDGE appication demonstrates high vehicle recognition speed and outstanding vehicle recognition and classification accuracy directly on Axis camera. All details are here.
Serverless ANPR for South Africa, Australia and New Zealand
Breaking things up for ANPR systems for parking spaces - Serverless ANPR solutions from Hanwha and FF Group team will definitely capture the hearts of South Africa, Australia, and New Zealand access control markets. Easy to configure and cost-effective! The ...