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FF LPR/MMCR App for MOBOTIX M73/S74 cameras
Big news for the security market. FF Group has improved the fastest LPR MOBOTIX camera with vehicle classification Application. From today MOBOTIX M73/S74 cameras detect quickly and accurately the vehicle make, model, type and color recognition.
What you get with FF LPR/MMCR App on MOBOTIX camera:
✅ Real-time traffic/access control data with full vehicle parameters (license plate, make, model, color and type).
✅ Up to 200 km / h on 1 lane.
✅ Recognition accuracy LPR>95% MMCR>90% (out of all vehicle flow).
✅ Adjustable recognition zone.
✅ B/W lists management in camera.
✅ Open API for integration with MOBOTIX MxManagementCenter, MOBOTIX 7 IoT platform and other 3rd party software via TCP, HTTP(S) protocols.
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