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FF Group and AXIS Communications held a webinar for the European integrators and partners

August 18 FF Group and AXIS Communications held a joint webinar for 50 of the European integrators and partners. Sales Engineer of AXIS Communications in Poland and Baltic Jan T. Grusznic present the NumberOK Edge ACAP application from FF Group for AXIS IP-cameras to the partners and described recommendations for selecting and installing cameras.

Head of R&D Department FF Group Sergey Kuprienko told about competitive advantages of NumberOK Edge ACAP, has demonstrated the application work in real time, provided a technical explanation of how recognition technology made, told about the partnership program and technical support of the product.

Head of R&D Department FF Group Sergey Kuprienko:

«We already held the webinar with the partners and staff of AXIS Communications before. This experience has allowed us to prepare a more practical cases and make current webinar more applied and useful for the participants. Special attention was paid to the NumberOK Edge ACAP, whereby it is possible to achieve impressive performance and recognition rate even on slow processors of IP-cameras.

We were very glad of the active interest to NumberOK Edge ACAP, there were many questions and views of the real-time stream from an IP-camera with our application in Gdansk».

We remind you that from July 2016 NumberOK Edge is included in the list of apps that Axis Gallery recommends partners to use in developing of the integrated solutions: from the Parking to a Safe city.

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