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FF Group presented new line of NumberOK software to Czech partners and integrators

17 August FF Group held a seminar for Czech companies-integrators and partners ARYKA IN-WEST. The main theme of the event was the new product line of «NumberOK» software and its capabilities. FF Group CEO Oleksandr Osypov told about new opportunities in cooperation for partners.

He presented the application NumberOK Edge ACAP for IP cameras to ARYKA IN-WEST partners and told about his new project: «FF Cloud». It gives new opportunities to the companies-integrators in expanding their own product range and participating in a great number of projects related to license plate recognition.

FF Group sales support manager Alexander Zhukovin presented an updated product line of NumberOK software to the partners and told about integrated new «Parking» business logic and response module. The participants of seminar reviewed several business cases where the presented by Alexander functionality of NumberOK is possible to realize and discussed the several of realized projects with other companies-integrators.

Alexander Zhukovin, FF Group sales support manager:

«The Czech partners of FF Group for several years working with NumberOK software and well known in our product. Companies-integrators use it to build the global system in the context of their own projects as detector of license plate recognition. Therefore, seminar participants deservedly appreciated the new NumberOK opportunities. Partners have also actively shared their experience of deal with NumberOK software. This feedback is useful to improving product quality and developing new features for it».

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