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High speed and recognition quality with NumberOk Edge High Speed ​​on a board of the Axis P1367-E camera

FF Group has completed testing its NumberOk Edge High Speed vehicle plate numbers recognition application on a board of the new Axis P1367-E camera. The first test results showed a high recognition speed of 100 ms for the FullHD frame.

The new AXIS P1367-E Network Camera uses a powerful and high-speed ARTPEC6 processor, supports a resolution of 8 megapixels. Such camera advantages allow NumberOk Edge High Speed to provide recognition of vehicle plate numbers at a speed of 160 km / h on several lanes simultaneously.

NumberOk Edge High Speed is easily installed on the Axis camera via the Axis Open Platform and does not require any special technical knowledge.

Oleksandr Osypov, CEO of FF Group:

“Our company occupies high positions and is an expert in the field of recognition of vehicle plate numbers on board the camera (Front Edge Calculation). Our application is actively used in its product line by the world’s leading vendors Axis Communications, Hanwha Techwin, Sunell, Uniview and others.

The next step of our RnD department will be a deep optimization and acceleration of the recognition algorithm for the ARTPEC6 processor. And this is already other possibilities for recognition on board the camera – high quality recognition at high speed right on the camera will become a reality.

According to our estimation, Axis P1367-E with NumberOk Edge High Speed can become the fastest product of recognition of vehicle plate numbers on the market of commercial cameras”.

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