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New NumberOK EDGE feature for Hanwha IP-cameras

Gdansk and London! WiseNet Roadshow 2017 Poland and IFSEC 2017! An opportunity to create complex project decisions in the safety market is the main message for clients and the integrator’s companies. The key requirements for these purposes are smart ANPR camera with LPR application and its opportunity to be integrated with external devices.

At the moment on Hanwha WiseNet Roadshow Poland, we are talking about technical benefits of LPR application NumberOK EDGE for Hanwha IP-cameras SNO-6095RH. Integrators estimated by NumberOK EDGE day and night accuracy at the rate of 95% and vehicle speeds of up to 80 km/h. Preserving a complete shot of the recognized number for cameras even with the low-power processor became our new benefit. Thus the user will be able to identify the machine and to assess the situation around.

The other great value of NumberOK EDGE for Hanwha IP-cameras is an ability to be integrated with external actuation devices (barriers, controllers), systems of video surveillance and server LPR solutions.

Moreover, the companies will be able to develop security systems for network objects with FF Group cloud analytics easily and quickly.

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