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Traffic monitoring project in Pardubice
FF Group team implemented the project “The Monitoring of Urban Traffic” in the city of Pardubice (Czech Republic) with partners Hanwha Techwin Europe and Telmo.
The solution architecture includes Hanwha ANPR cameras with number plate recognition onboard, NumberOK Meta is installed at the police server and remote client software pieces NumberOK Reporter for remote connection to the database for municipal operators and the State Police.
The customers of the project were the Pardubice town Municipal Authority and Municipal Police and the Ministry of the Interior (CZ). The constructed system solves a range of issues, such as measuring traffic flow in the city, searching for suspect cars or traffic violations, comparing all the detected plates in the town with the central database of stolen vehicles in the CZ, etc.
Police officers Jan Ptáček and Petr Kvaš evaluated the quality of the new Pardubice monitoring system.
Please, take a look at the case study for more details.

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