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Driving event in Spain with CCTV CENTER S.L. and Hanwha team

The biggest distributor CCTV CENTER S.L. in Spain supported by the local Hanwha team shared the latest Hanwha products in the portfolio (cameras with smart software, Wave, an added solution with city surveillance focus) in Barcelona and Madrid (October, 22-23). FF Group as technical Hanwha partners shared with more than 60 local integrators its product portfolio and cases of software implementation in traffic monitoring projects.

One of such value-adding solutions is FF Group‘ software for the Hanwha camera (Hanwha Application).

Our sales manager Iurii Slidenko pointed out the benefits of Hanwha App integration with LPR NumberOK Enterprise or META for providing the best traffic solution in the security market.

This solution combination solves any traffic challenges from the simplest bus lane control to the more complicated such as in-depth traffic statistics, minor traffic violation detection, custom metrics & enhanced stats, transport heat map, implementation of various traffic policies for different districts, others.

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